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Kanani And Lea Meet

Hi Guys! Guess who it is? Its Viola anyhow me and Sofia thought it would be fun to do a collab and it was! The post is about Lea and Kanani meeting on a facetime call. Also Lea’s writing in

Sofia: I am here too Friends! Yes me and Viola are doing a collab!

Viola : So can we get right into it?

Sofia: Sure!

*Enters Call*

Hi! This is Lea and your Kanani right?

Yup! You’re talking to Kanani Akina! So your Lea Clark right?

Yeah! I am your biggest fan!

I had no idea I even had fans! So do you want to ask me some questions or something?

UHHHHHH, Honestly Viola just told me that we were going to talk

Well…um this is awkward. . . So um, what do you want to talk about?

Hah, that’s easy first we talk about how horrible spa’s are and second we talk about how much better we where girl of the years than Kavi, duh

Now we’re talking! Spas are just for girly girls who like to do nothing all the time! I prefer more action and adventure! Whadda about you?

Spa’s are the thing Makena makes me go to! * Eye Roll* Also Kavi is super sparkly

Ugg! And girly! And pink! Too much pink! Our collection colors were way way way better! Did you know that my book and your book was written by the same author?

Whaaaat? No way! That’s cool but yeah totally agree too much pink she is like a mini Jojo Siwa.

Ugg! I hate Jojo Siwa! She’s so annoying! And I hate pink!!! We’re much more awesome than than that!

YES! Now what are your favorite drink? And what is your favorite picture anyone has every taken of you? I think this is my favorite one it’s from

Aw, that’s a pretty picture! My favorite drink? Coffee! What about you? I think this is my favorite picture, it’s from small dolls in a big world.

Or maybe this one! ^

That is so pretty! I wish Viola was as good as that!

VIOLA: Hey I’m um OK.

Not at all.

SOFIA: Viola is a very very good photographer, if a may have you know!

Kanani: Of course Viola is, I just wish Sofia was…

SOFIA: Excuse me! I am not THAT bad!

Kanani: Sure. Well mom, do you think it’s time to rap it up?

SOFIA: Yes, we should. Thanks Viola and Lea, Kanani has had so much fun talking to Lea! And If you, my friends don’t know my friend Viola’s blog, go and check it out!

VIOLA: Thanks for letting me come on I really enjoyed it.

LEA: Yeah it was nice meeting You kanani! Bye!

SOFIA: anytime!

Kanani: it was nice meeting you to Lea! Bye!!!

Sofia: did you guys enjoy this post? I hope you did! Bye Friends!!!!!







16 responses to “Kanani And Lea Meet”

  1. JustDolling Avatar

    This was so fun! Such a great idea for a collab.


  2. Mayim :) Avatar

    hahaha this had me laughing and was such a great idea for a collab!


    1. Sofia Avatar

      Thanks Mayim! It was Viola’s idea!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. RJ Avatar

    That was so good! I loved the expression of the dolls’ personalities!


  4. Reesa Avatar

    I love how Lea and Kanani are just completely vibing.😁 Great collab, both of you! 🥰

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Viola Avatar

    This post totally didn’t take use like two months!


    1. Sofia Avatar

      Yeah totally…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Viola Avatar

        MAKENA: You are so lame Viola like it took you TWO MONTHS to make a collab
        VIOLA: Cut me some slack Makena!
        MAKENA: you should cut ME some slack like I’m the one who has to listen to Mrs. Lydia- Pretty- a
        VIOLA: Hey! Don’t you be calling dolls names!
        MAKENA: Why she DESERVES IT!
        VIOLA: I’m so sorry Lydia and Sofia!


      2. Sofia Avatar

        Lydia: hum! Well I have to deal with Makena-the-non-epic-weirdo! Cut ME SOME SLACK!
        Sofia: um Lydi-
        *Lydia raving about Makena’s non-epicness in the background*
        SOFIA: *sighs* I’m sorry Viola, this looks like a beginning of a rivalry…

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Viola Avatar

        VIOLA: Yeah, we’d better take cover.


      4. Sofia Avatar

        Sofia: I agree!
        Lydia: I declare WAR!

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Diamond Avatar

    Kanani and Lea are both awesome! Great collab you two!


  7. Blogs That Are Great (Part 2) – Viola Smiles Avatar

    […] Favorite post: The Collab I did with her! […]


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